Protecting What’s Yours.


Our attorneys are recognized leaders and are skilled in all facets of trademark law and strategic brand counseling – routinely clearing, protecting, and enforcing our clients’ trademark rights, including for some of the world’s best-known brands. We have extensive experience with international trademark prosecution and enforcement and are skilled in managing large trademark portfolios for major companies. We have established a global network of associate firms to ensure responsive, cost-effective, and quality services, and we leverage our partnerships and our leadership position in the trademark field to develop solutions that give our clients’ brands the highest levels of protection possible, anywhere in the world. This is the main reason Epstein Drangel opened an office in Beijing. IP Counselors Beijing was founded as a direct response to the difficulties our clients faced in securing and enforcing their IP rights in the rapidly growing Chinese market. Drawing from years of experience, our attorneys have developed a comprehensive and cost-effective strategy for securing, maintaining, and enforcing our clients’ rights in China – a tailored, sensible approach that includes clearance searches, defensive applications to prevent brand squatting, trademark watches, and customized enforcement programs.


Copyrights protect creative works of original authorship. Once a copyright is federally registered, it gives the owner the right to sue for infringement in the United States, and if registered early, entitles the owner to certain favorable remedies. The low cost and high benefit of a U.S. copyright registration makes it a critical and valuable weapon in a company’s intellectual property arsenal. We offer a full prosecution and maintenance program, and also train clients to file copyright applications in-house. We are well-versed in recording documents relating to copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office in order to maintain a clear chain of title. We advise clients on issues such as work-for-hire, fair use, international copyright protection, the ability to use copyrights vs. trademarks for enforcement in various foreign countries, renewal and termination of rights, and recording registrations with customs authorities. We ensure our clients’ copyrights are registered in key jurisdictions, and defend and enforce our clients’ copyrights against bad actors.


A patent gives you full ownership over making, using, selling, and importing your unique invention or service process. We combine tremendous technical knowledge with practical approaches to help businesses protect their rights. Supporting a large client base across the globe, we are skilled in preparing and prosecuting U.S. and foreign patent applications. We assist in building and managing domestic and international patent portfolios tailored to each client’s budget. We render opinions regarding patentability, patent validity, patent infringement, and freedom to operate and negotiate. We prepare licenses and other agreements, providing attentive and responsive service throughout the entire patent process, keeping clients informed of progress and ensuring all actions support their business objectives. We also ensure enforcement and defense of patent rights through tailored litigation strategies, including third party infringement claims.