Zealous Advocacy.


The best and most cost-effective solutions are usually found outside the courtroom. However, if no other solutions are available, our expertise in litigation can help you navigate the courts without wasting your valuable time. We are constantly devising creative methods to extend the gambit of intellectual property protection, having successfully expanded the laws on obtaining restraining orders against on-line platform storefronts and freezing seller assets, the scope of trade dress protection and unfair competition, the constitutional limits of the U.S. Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, and the limited privilege protection for certain alleged confidential documents. We leverage our partnerships and our leadership position in the IP space to fight for our clients’ rights. We have successfully represented numerous corporations in infringement lawsuits in the federal courts, including U.S. District Courts and U.S. Courts of Appeal. Once we understand our client’s IP rights and specific needs, we analyze the research and results to determine the ideal strategy for pursuing the infringer while protecting our client’s brand. We have delivered exceptional results for our clients, as you can see from Our Reach page.


Your brand is your reputation, and we are here to protect it. As part of our process in designing tailored anti-counterfeiting programs, we analyze each client’s existing portfolio of intellectual property rights to identify the most popular assets and at-risk products with the intent of preventing and/or minimizing infringements and securing the tools necessary to combat them. In order to maintain the integrity of our clients’ brands, we regularly devise new and creative ways to enforce our clients’ IP rights. Our team is actively involved in the global intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting community and we are known as innovators in our field of practice. We have successfully developed global anti-counterfeiting programs for some of the most popular mobile and online gaming companies (i.e., Rovio Entertainment, Ltd.), entertainment & media companies (i.e., Smart Study Ltd. (Baby Shark), Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO), and EROS Entertainment), toy companies (i.e., Spin Master Ltd. and WowWee Inc.), As Seen on TV companies (i.e., Ideavillage Products Corp. and Allstar Marketing Group, LLC), luxury brands (i.e. Off-White LLC, New Guards Group, Golden Goose s.P.A), and members of the vape industry (i.e., Bidi Vapor, LLC and Shenzhen Smoore Technology Ltd. (C-CELL)). Since the tactics and techniques of counterfeiters continuously evolve, our team is able to draw from 20+ years of experience in the anti-counterfeiting space to develop and implement custom, flexible strategies to protect our clients’ intellectual property rights.


Our international network of private investigators works closely with U.S. Customs & Border Protection and Homeland Security, among other national governmental enforcement agencies as well as foreign governmental bodies, in order to develop effective enforcement strategies customized to our clients’ individual needs. We are active members of IACC and INTA, and we are often invited to present at intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting conferences. Click here to see what event we are attending next. We leverage our partnerships and our leadership position in the anti-counterfeiting space to develop global solutions that give our clients the widest reach in terms of proactive and reactive enforcement.