EXPERTISE |  Licensing & Transactional IP

We draft master licensing agreements and policies and have been involved in all other aspects of licensing and commercialization of intellectual property rights. We have extensive experience and expertise in the preparation and negotiation of a wide variety of intellectual property and technological agreements. Examples of such agreements include negotiation and preparation of sales documents for major shoe company and related IP assets, negotiation and review license for foreign licensee of major jeans company, and review and revision of master license agreement for well-known entertainment company.

We also have expertise in the development of trade secret manuals and procedures to protect major confidential assets. We have also successfully negotiated and drafted license agreements between inventors and consumer products companies. In addition to this, we also specialize in in drafting celebrity endorsement agreements and asset purchase agreements for our clients across the globe.

We have recently negotiated software technology transfer of mainframe operational programming on behalf of a German company. We also prepare the assignment & licensing agreement of Internet-related corporate consulting software programs, negotiate and draft licenses for game software and draft sale / license of customer email marketing lists.


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