EXPERTISE |  Anti Counterfeiting


Drawing from nearly twenty years of experience, the Anti-Counterfeiting team at Epstein Drangel designs, develops and implements tailored anti-counterfeiting programs in the United States and abroad taking into consideration each client’s industry, markets, consumer base and current & potential counterfeiting issues.

Our team is actively involved in the global intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting community and we are known as innovators in our field of practice. Not only are we active members of IACC and INTA, but we are often invited to present at intellectual property and anti-counterfeiting conferences.

In addition to our internal anti-counterfeiting team, we have enlisted, and are constantly adding to, our team of external partners to collaborate on and carry out effective strategies to combat counterfeiting. For example, we work closely with local, state and federal law enforcement, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Homeland Security, our global network of private investigators, foreign governmental bodies, and various industry organizations to develop effective enforcement strategies designed for each client’s specific needs.

Through our work in developing and implementing global anti-counterfeiting programs, we have created uFaker, an anti-counterfeiting solution that enables us to work with our clients and external partners to report, track and collaborate on worldwide counterfeiting matters in real-time. (See


As part of our tailored anti-counterfeiting program, we analyze each client’s existing portfolio of intellectual property rights to identify the most popular and at-risk products with the intent of preventing and/or minimizing infringements as well as securing the tools necessary to combat them. We also conduct trainings for our nationwide team of investigators and our team of external partners (including: CBP, HSI, FBI, local and state police, etc.) throughout the U.S. to facilitate the identification and seizure of counterfeit goods.

We regularly devise new and creative ways to enforce our clients’ IP rights and implement innovative research strategies utilizing the latest anti-counterfeiting technologies to identify sources and/or suppliers of counterfeit goods.

We constantly monitor online marketplaces (i.e., Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and DHGate, etc.) engaged in infringing conduct, make test purchases and remove infringing listings and/or disable websites and/or payment processing functions. We also send DMCA Takedown Notices to websites and/or ISPs hosting infringing content, such as: Youtube, Vimeo, etc. and file UDRP Complaints to have infringing domains transferred to the rights holder.

Our team internally conducts preliminary research on importers, online retailers, marketplaces, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to determine the size of counterfeiting operations and the extent of the infringements. We then analyze the research results to determine the ideal strategy for pursuing the infringer (i.e., send/serve C&D letter, engage a private investigator or law enforcement, file a lawsuit, etc.).

We have successfully developed global anti-counterfeiting programs for some of the most popular mobile and online gaming companies (i.e. Rovio Entertainment, Ltd.), entertainment & media companies (1D Media, Ltd., Home Box Office, Inc. and EROS Entertainment), toy companies (i.e. Moose Toys and CJ Products, LLC), As Seen on TV companies (i.e. Ontel Products Corp. and Ideavillage Products Corp.), and luxury brands (i.e. Buscemi LLC., JLM Couture, Meira T).


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